Top Five Things On My Desk

Every writer has a desk. Whether they use it for writing, collecting dust or organizing their growing collection of unread books, it’s still a part of their life.

Mine gets a thorough cleaning-off every 3 months or so and I always “restock” it with the same five things. Only two have anything to do with writing. But they’re all part of my collective security blanket. In no particular order:

  1. My trusty Café DuMonde mug with the broken-off handle. This is a recent add, as I just bought this mug while in New Orleans in June (and I busted the handle walking the dog a day after I got back; knew I shouldn’t have taken the dog when he was still so excited to have me back). I can’t write without some form of caffeine. Coffee is preferable, but tea is a suitable substitute.
  2. A clay pig. A three legged clay pig to be exact. I was born in the Year of the Pig. I’m nothing like a pig. I should say I don’t have many of the Pig’s traits or attributes. My three legged pig comes from a small village of Pomaire, Chile, where it’s believed that these Chanchitos (little pigs) bring good luck. Traditionally, they’re given to friends or family as symbols of love or goodwill. I bought myself one from the Delaware State Fair about 4 years ago. In fact, I finished my very-unpolished-rough draft of my novel about a month after I bought it. (I subsequently put the book away for about a year & a half because I had been receiving rejection letters; I have since rewrote it. Twice).
  3. A deck of cards I’ve had for years after its typical short lifespan at a casino (given to me by my awesome cousin). I don’t play games card games with these. They are my “gypsy” cards. Ever since I saw one of the many James Bond movies, I can’t remember which one exactly but one of the Bond girls mentioned to him that the cards had meaning. So I had to check that out. I’ve been using them ever since. Every morning—or even when I’m feeling stuck or stressed—I pull that deck over and shuffle it up and pull a card. Sometimes two or three to see what kind of day I’ll have. Sounds weird, but it’s right nine out of ten times.
  4. A thumb drive to back up my files. A given.
  5. Lastly, I always have a colored pens. Red, blue, orange, green, purple, whatever. I grab for one when I’m editing my own work. Or if I read something I really like in a book I’ll underline it.

So there are few of the must-haves on my desk.

What’s on yours?


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