Awarded One Lovely Blog Award By April R Denton

April Denton bestowed the amazing ‘One Lovely Blog Award’ to me and I am very honored.  And normally I don’t continue these “chain-letter” type things, but this one was really awesome because it let me see people’s blogs I normally wouldn’t see and exposed mine to people who probably didn’t know about it before.

The Rules:

Tell 7 things about yourself and nominate 15 others. Hmmm this doesn’t seem as easy as it looks.

  1. In addition to being a writer I’m a freelance graphic designer, photographer & painter. I’m a private art instructor; mainly to children. And my day job is a full time graphic designer at a screen printing shop—I wear many hats and have little time to wear them all. But I try. (See photo for a work-in-progress painting).

    My symbolically adopted Polar Bear and a work-in-progress mixed media painting I've been working on.

  2. I have to have music or background noise playing while I write or design or paint. This can be my soundtracks (see #6) or football (in season) or a cd of thunderstorm sounds or, my favorite, a cd of white noise.
  3. Living at and growing up near the ocean leaves an imprint on your soul whether you want it to or not: if I don’t get to see the ocean at least twice a week—or stick my feet in at least once a week (yes, even in winter… except when it’s snowing)—I get despondent and extremely cranky.
  4. Speaking of snow… I wear flip flops until the first snow falls (it’s a SoDel thing).
  5. I am obsessed with polar bears. I even adopted one. Symbolically. I named him Atlas. 🙂
  6. I have a soundtrack for each book I’m working on (currently working on 4 different projects, each in varying stages of completion) and they always contain at least one Ben Harper tune and one Nine Inch Nails song (sometimes the same are on each “soundtrack”).
  7. I already have a fan obsessed with my female protagonist, Francesca. This fan is in my local writing guild ( and she always asks about Francesca, my reluctant psychic/medium. During our Free Writes! (fun meetings where we write 3-5 minutes on each ‘prompt’ & share what we’ve written, as the name suggests, it’s free to come) this fan will write about my character when I do not and accuse me of forgetting about my character. It is quite amusing and makes me feel happy that people love my characters. And when she heard I was writing a new book, she asked, “You didn’t kill off Francesca, did you?”

Now to nominate 15 bloggers… This was difficult. Okay, in no particular order… (sorry for broken or bad links, I’m new to all this stuff).

April K Denton

Elizabeth Craig

Les Floyd

Alexandra Sokoloff

Ciara Ballintyne

Rick Lipman

Kris Yankee

Lisa Dawn Martinez

Kristen Howe

Pamela Ewen

Erica Lucke Dean

Shea MacLeod

O.M. Grey

Merry Farmer

M. Leighton

I picked these awesome bloggers because they’re posts make me laugh or think or cry or try to do something or look at life differently. They’re all great and you should check them out!


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