Angel or Luck?

Yesterday, I ate dinner at home and felt the need to get out of the house and away from computer screens and cell phones and anything that’s not nature related. I think I was going through technology overload. I needed to connect with myself and nature.

I arrived in Rehoboth and it looked like a typical summer day. Parking was non-existent, so I asked my guardian angel to find me a parking spot. I drove without thinking, just drove, and within minutes, viola, a parking spot opened up. No driving up and down every road, no waiting with my turn signal only to be cut off by someone else, no rolling down the window to ask someone if they were leaving. Just, bam, there it was. And it was a great spot in the ocean block on Wilmington Avenue, which, for those not familiar with the area, is one of the second main roads and busiest!

I wandered aimlessly around the boardwalk. Even though I was surrounded by people, I didn’t feel crowded. I stepped out of my flip flops and walked down onto the beach. I spent a half hour standing out there with the waves crashing around my feet. The water was warm even though for that last few weeks it was cold.

But I was happy doing nothing. I had no concrete plans. No one to meet. It was me, myself and I for the rest of the evening. I watched sand pipers nipping at food in the sand, fleeing when the waves approached, their feet pitter-pattering to escape the water, then taking off, flying across the ocean, skimming the water, their wings beating so fast as they passed in front of my eyes that they looked to be glowing and flickering like ghost lights in cemeteries.

As I looked out of the ocean and horizon in the dark, I couldn’t tell where each started and ended; the fog settled so thickly there and it was so dark over the water that it looked as if the waves were literally coming out of nowhere. Their dark grey form rolling in from blackness, becoming lighter and light until the white cap formed and crashed, sending foam around me, spray in the air. It was beautiful and haunting. And I felt so refreshed and connected to nature.

When I was finally ready to leave I slipped my shoes on after I reached the boardwalk and walked up Rehoboth Avenue. Wandered in stores, pandering and meandering through shops I normally wouldn’t go in, through galleries with beautiful paintings and photos of exotic places I promised myself I’d see in person one day. I stopped to listen to a guitarist play music at an open air restaurant. Then felt happy and refreshed enough to start to head back to my car, but music from a nearby restaurant pulled me to the front steps.

It was jazz but not traditional jazz. It was very warm and inviting. While perusing the menu board outside for their desserts, I heard a couple inside say, “The food is delicious!” I knew that already, but went in anyway. They seemed lively enough to chat with. I ordered the wine they were drinking and a caramelized brownie with ice cream for dessert. The couple was so fun and welcoming we talked for about an hour. It turns out that she works for one of the companies my company prints tee shirts for and he works for Habitat for Humanity, whom we also printed shirts for. Small world: we also had a mutual friend. We talked about traveling and Guatemala and that I had to go. So… I added that to my Kick It List.

It was one of those synchronistic evenings that was so beautiful I felt compelled to share it here.

My sister and I went out this morning—her in search of supplies from Walmart, me on the hunt for a pair of hiking boots. I’ve got a trip coming up in October where I’ll be climbing Mount Monadnock in New Hampshire. We (the “crew” and I) climbed it last year and it was absolutely stunning at the top! But… on the way down I swore I was going to twist my ankle because my hiking shoes didn’t have ankle support. Before my sister and I left this morning, I told my guardian angel, “I need help finding a pair of hiking boots and I need to find them, not order them because it’s too late to order them and get them in time and have them fit, so help me out!”

We started out at a specialty shoe store. I tried on two pairs of boots; one with a high ankle and one mid-calf. But I just wasn’t feeling them. While I liked the mid-calf boots, they didn’t have it in the size I was looking for, only in a half size smaller and they weren’t sure they were going to get them in stock if I tried to order the right size. Besides, they weren’t exactly what I was looking for so we left and went to another all-kinds-of-shoes store. I’m looking around, sort of like a chicken with my head cut off because I can’t find any hiking boots anywhere on display when a sales lady approaches me.

“What are you looking for?”

“Hiking boots.”

“What size?”

When I tell her, she smiles very big, crooks her finger and leads me to the back of the store where the clearance rack is located. She picks up a box off the bottom shelf and hands them to me. “They’re the last pair and on sale.”

I look at the box sticker. Twenty dollars! What are the odds? I think as I try them on. They’re a perfect fit! And they’re cheap. As I check out the cashier says, “Oh, look at that, they went down again. Fifteen dollars.”

Boy was I smiling the whole way home! It’s simply amazing what happens when you ask your guardian angel for help and guidance.


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