Time really does fly when you’re having fun…

Two weeks ago I had promised myself I’d write a blog entry since I knew I’d doing a lot of traveling and not a lot computer logging time.

Thirteen days ago I had failed to pack for my 3 day hiking trip until the night before. That’s how I wound up not writing a blog entry.

Welcome to my chaos!

For the last 16 days I have been going non-stop. It felt as exhausting as my trip to Australia. Don’t get me wrong—Australia is amazing, but next time I go it will be for a minimum of at least six weeks (I hope) because the travel time alone takes up 4 days, if you’re lucky.

What I love about traveling, though, is what most people hate and what keeps me up a few nights before (if I’m lucky):


I find subtle comfort in the fact that I must discover a way to fold and stow all my clothes so they fit perfectly, remember the essentials (like the ever-important toothbrush and toothpaste), pack for the season (while hoping the weather does nothing out of the ordinary, like snow in the early fall), and pray that when you return, it all fits the same way again… So I’ve taken to folding and refolding and packing and repacking for each trip. Does everything fit? Is there room for an extra book or bag of chocolate for when the night snacks kick in and I’m stuck in a tent in someone’s back yard? You bet! There was even room for the things I forgot but bought even though I didn’t even need to begin with but thought I did, like a camp bowl and spoon.

The morning of the trip—in most cases, I work—I check to make sure I’ve included the other essentials for me, contacts and contact solution; I just don’t know what I’d do without them! (Seriously, I can only see about 5 inches in front of my face without contacts—horrible).

I guess that particular morning before my hiking trip to New Hampshire, I forgot to check about the toothbrush/toothpaste, and when I arrived at my first night destination, I didn’t have it (gasp!). A quick fix in the A.M., but still a bit annoying that night. (This always happens to me! I consistently forget at least one item no matter how many times I check, and unfold and fold, unpack and pack. First time I traveled to St. John in the USVI, I forgot razors. And I left for Australia without my itinerary—can you believe that? Of all the things to forget?)

That Thursday morning before my hiking trip I went to work expecting two backpacks for my hike to arrive from our suppliers. One was an OGIO, a great brand, which I’d ordered from our warehouse the day before and before the time cut off. The other was a Reebok one I’d ordered from another supplier in Kansas City on Monday. Neither made it. They were both expected to arrive on Friday, when I’d be in a car heading for New Hampshire.

Just perfect, right?

A call to Dick’s Sporting Goods at the Christiana Mall saved me. They set aside a backpack for me and told me they closed at 9:30pm. I’m happy now that I’ve got a backpack, only now I’ve got to leave work, run to see a freelance client, stop to say bye to my momma, run back to work to grab the dinner I forgot (fresh caught fish from my boss) and make it back home to finish packing and loading my car. I should be skipping one of those destinations, but I don’t. I should leave no later than 6:45 since it will take a good hour and a half to get to the mall, traffic pending, maybe longer.

What do I do?

Yep, you guessed it. Leave around 7:30pm AND get lost. After a bit of a meltdown cry I made it to Dick’s Sporting Goods before it closed, bought myself a Venti Café Latte from Starbucks, with an extra shot of espresso, and headed to PA.

The rest of the hiking/camping weekend was awesome and I’ll tell you all about it in my next blog entry, which will be happy. I promise. I’ll even include a few photos so check back soon.


2 thoughts on “Time really does fly when you’re having fun…

  1. Oh gosh! I so understand about the packing. I’m a two-week-before packer, I was packed for my trip to Australia almost a month before. Granted, I was also moving out of a place and day dreaming about warm sunny weather as opposed to cold and dreary, but still! My husband thought I was nuts!

    • Wow. I love Australia! I was there in December of 2009 and cannot wait to return. I have friends there that I stay with, so I’m always thinking: okay, how long will it take me to put aside the money for the plane ticket? Haha. I love it, though that 24 hour flight time from East Coast US to Adelaide just about killed me! Wouldn’t trade it for anything!

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