Overwhelmed, But Pushing Forward…

(I think this is one of my shortest posts!)

With only two days until the election, I’ve been spending an insane amount of time watching MSNBC because I care about my future, as well as this country’s. I shouldn’t be doing this though. For two major reasons (among many little ones):

A) My personal promise to myself. This personal promise is to finish all my major edits—including, but not limited to, deleting long scenes, writing a couple new ones, cutting and pasting the middle, and writing a brand new ending because the other one, according to my “editor,” was not believable—by November 30. I still have over 410 pages to get through. Even if I go quickly, that’s an average of at least 17 pages a day. (I might be able to squeeze this out until the second week in December for cushion).


B) Since telling my “editor” about my goal of finishing the edits by November 30, and self-publishing my novel by February of 2013 (the eBook first, followed by paperback in late Spring), she has told the owner of the local bookstore that I would have a book out “next summer” and that “it is great.” Thanks for the vote of confidence, but thanks also for…

The pressure!! Ha. Right… I got this, though.

After the election, I will be diligently plugging away at my novel’s edits, hoping that I will meet my deadline, but I gave myself a cushion of finishing by mid-December so I have all of January to work on a cover (and do one more quick edit).

The coming weekends will be rough, but I can do twice the amount of pages in a full day than I can a six hour night. HOWEVER, I also have other duties, including a newsletter and graphic design projects for clients, all of which takes time (but also makes me money—catch 22).

Needless to say I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed. I feel like if I sit at my computer, I won’t get a single thing done because my mind will be on twenty different things (like it is now).

It would be a lot easier if I didn’t have a day job… but alas, we all have to have one until that Big Break…

That Big Break, I hope, is going to happen to me. Soon.

Wish me luck!


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