Finger Pianos and Sherlock…

[UPDATE: The cover I’m speaking of below is for Still Life in Blood, the murder mystery novel I just completed.]

I need to make a deadline for my book cover. A deadline for this weekend! I’ve been so worried about it I haven’t even started and that’s not good. The book will be published in July so I better get cracking. And without distraction. Because if I don’t have a deadline (read: no focus), this is what happens to my thought process:

Ooh, Sherlock. Cumberbatch’s Sherlock can play in the background. It’s not like I’m concentrating on plot or character questions with my current work… nothing needs to get edited… this is pure creativity tonight. I’m going to work on my cover! It’s going to be so much fun!

[I start watching Sherlock. Mesmerized, I realize ten minutes have passed…]

Damn. I should work on my cover, I tell myself. Yes. Back to the cover! I have plenty of paintings on my walls. They’re abstract. Mostly reds and blues….. Perfect! But they’re abstract. My character doesn’t paint abstract. But maybe I can use them as part of my cover. Hmm…

[I take a few photos on my cell phone of the paintings; some are full on, others are close ups, which I like—more mysterious. I pause and contemplate this. Another ten minutes pass.]

Maybe if I have a close up no one will notice they’re abstract because my character doesn’t paint abstract… But there’s lots of red in these and the title is Still Life in Blood… hmm…

[Another ten minutes pass as I flip through the photos I have taken on my iPhone 4, forward and back, forward and back.]

Yes. Yes. NO. Delete. No. Eh. Yes. Before I delete any more of these I should really email them to myself and narrow it down on the computer. And start working on a cover… But I really don’t know what I want my cover to look like! Should I choose a serif font? A non-serif? Should it be thin? Thick? Disturbing and distressed? Clean and mysterious? Script? Argh!

[Still holding the phone, I look down at it, waiting for something to click in my head for the cover.]

I should email these photos anyway.

[I start to open Gmail on my phone.]

Sherlock Holmes is scared! Wait, WHAT?! How does that happen? The hound of Baskerville actually scared Cumberbatch’s Sherlock? What did I miss?

[I stop the typing on my phone and rewind the show a few minutes and then watch the telly intently.]

I can’t believe it… he looks generally frightened.

[I watch and he admits to being scared.]

What? No—cover! COVER!!!

[I stand to put a painting back on the wall by my shelves.]

Oh, look there’s my finger piano! Top shelf!

[I pick it up, smile, remembering when I purchased it.]

Ew, it’s dusty. I should clean this. Or at least dust it.

[I get a Swiffer cloth and clean it off and polish it up.]

I should practice my finger piano. I haven’t done this in years! I’m sure it is just like riding a bike…

[I begin to play. I’m quite rusty. Of course I was never taught, and I don’t think you can be… It was a novelty item from the Denver Zoo!]

I don’t know how to play the finger piano… Well… Youtube may have some videos…

[I watch Youtube videos for several minutes and then try to play myself.]

Oh… Well, this is like riding a bike.

Wait a minute, what was I supposed to be doing tonight?

Finger Piano from Denver Zoo


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