Music & Writing…

I’ve been a music person for years. Years.  I love music. Live, especially. I can’t live without music. It’s on in my car, and sometimes I sing whatever is in my head, aloud without the melody. Music is writing. Writing to music is what I have to do.

Here’s the Still Life in Blood ‘soundtrack’ or the music I listened to frequently while I was writing the novel. It’s changed over the years, but this is the most current version. Some of the songs have explanations, others you’ll just have to listen to and judge where you think they belong in the book…

SLIB Soundtrack 2013

SLIB Soundtrack 2013











Johnny’s Gone • John Butler Trio

Ain’t Gonna Lose You • Brett Dennen

Walk Away • Ben Harper

This song, just in melody, sums up Francesca’s experiences with her visions. So powerful.

Oh no
Here comes that sun again
That means another day
Without you my friend

And it hurts me
To look into the mirror at myself
And it hurts even more
To have to be with somebody else
And it’s so hard to do

A Storm is Going to Come • Piers Faccini

This one just reminded me of the overall tone of the book. A storm has come into Francesca’s life. And how she deals with the storm is the novel and how it unfolds.

See You in the Light • Michael Franti

Another one that is about Francesca; the power of her visions and her path.

Vampires gather round me
Angle in to take a bite
They wanna drink my blood of courage
And try to take away my fight
But no, no, no they can’t do that

And when my time is done
I did some right I did some wrong
Call my name to kingdom come
Spread my wings in flight
I hope that when my day is over
My love I’ll see you in the light

On My Way • O.A.R.

Originally on the soundtrack for the second novel, On My Way is a story of fighting. Of fighting for hope, for yourself.

And when your mind is
Old and fading
I’ll heal you, darling
Heal you

Your soul lights the day
I’m on my way, I’m on my way
When your soul filled with pain
I’m on my way, I’m on my way
Maybe, baby, it’s just
Maybe, baby it’s just

In a matter of
In a matter of days we’ll find love
Yeah, in a matter of
In a matter of days we’ll find love

Please Do Not Let Me Go • Ryan Adams

One of my favorite songs, not just in general, but on this whole soundtrack. I grew to love this song after a doubtful relationship. I listened to this song on repeat during two scenes in the novel—won’t say exactly which ones, only that one is between Johnny and Francesca, the other between Jack and Francesca.

True love, ain’t that hard to find?
Not that you will ever know
Would you lay here for a while?
Please, do not let me go
Please, do not let me go

Never Think • Rob Pattinson

Yes, that guy from Twilight. Wasn’t a fan of the books or movies, but this song…  There’s so much history between Francesca and her sister and Francesca and her mother… this song, though written for a woman by a man, just aches with my characters’ complicated relationships.

And save your soul
save your soul
Before you’re too far gone
Before nothing can be done

Everything Else Disappears • Sister Hazel

Healing Hands • Citizen Cope

This one will definitely be on the second soundtrack as well as this one. This song just reminds me of Abby. This song is Abby.

The Taste of Tears • Piers Faccini

Whereas Healing Hands is Abby, The Taste of Tears is Francesca. These lyrics are all about Francesca and her personality and life.

I’d like to play the game,
To call love by it’s name,
I’d live through it again,
To lose and find you in.
I know how things have changed,
For good.

The taste of tears,
Long on years,
Spend perfect lies,
To hypnotise.

Learn You Inside Out • Lifehouse

I’d Do Anything • John Butler Trio

Fool For You • John Butler Trio

Swaying • Train

This is one of the songs I listened to over and over whenever Francesca was trying to explain her visions to people.

Near Life Experience • Lifehouse

This was all about Francesca… her life, her visions, her fears and needs.

I didn’t get what I want, I got what I need.
Man it hurts like hell down here on my knees.
Is this where I end, or is this where we begin?

My pulse is racing, I can’t catch my breath.
This near-life experience scared me to death.
Is this where I end, or is this where we begin?

In My Time of Need • Ryan Adams

I listened to this writing the last quarter of the novel.

Will you comfort me in my time of need?
Can you take away the pain of hurtful deeds?
‘Cause I will comfort you when my days are through
And I’ll let your smile just off and carry me

These songs are Still Life in Blood and the characters, the place, the situation. If you want to compile a list, it would be a great contrast after reading the book.


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