Lights, Camera… Maybe?

I had a great question today that got me thinking. My coworker’s husband stopped by work to take her to dinner. She was finishing up a few things and so he made small talk.

He asked me how book sales were going for Still Life in Blood, and then he said, “When I hear the name Jack Remington, I think of a square-jawed guy. Someone strong willed and… street tough.”

I nodded. “That’s how I wrote him. Dark hair, tall, strong, square jaw. Very tough.”

“Does he have a dent in his chin?”

“You mean a cleft?” I shook my head.

He went on, “So, say, someone were to make a movie out of Still Life in Blood, who would or who did you envision playing Jack? What actor?”

I had to tell him that, to be honest, I had never really thought about it. I mean, yes, when I first started writing, I had a clear image of an actor, relatively unknown, in mind while I created Jack. But when Jack took his “final form” in the book, that actor’s physique no longer matched who Jack had become.

I don’t think I could choose an actor to play Jack now. That would ruin the image of him that I have in my head.

How about you? Do you like when authors tell you who they had in mind to play a character? Or do you, like me, love to have your own image of characters?


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