National Federation of Press Women Win!

Back in February I entered the Delaware Press Association’s Communications Contest. I won first place. I was thrilled with the win; I believe I told the contest runner that I was “over the moon” with the win. I mean, I entered at the last possible second, waiting until the day the contest ended to enter. It was awesome! Bragging rights. A first place title to put on my book. Amazing right? (You can read that post here: Put Yourself Out There)

The win also secured my chance to enter the National Federation of Press Women’s Communications Contest. I sent in my contest entry fee, joined the NFPW. The book was sent off to the NFPW by the DPA contest handlers and I forgot about it.

Until a few weeks ago. My cell rang at work. I was hesitant to answer it. But it was a Friday afternoon and no one was in the office. “Hello, is this Crystal?”

“Yes.” I was hesitant since it was an out of area number. The last thing I needed was to be stuck on the phone with a telemarketer or something.

“This is Katherine from the Delaware Press Association.”

“Yes?” My heart just started beating faster. Just a little bit.

“I know when I told you about the DPA win back in March, you replied saying you were ‘over the moon’ with the win… so I think you’ll be past the asteroid belt with this one. You won first in the National Federation of Press Women contest.”

I was shocked, but not shocked. I mean if it won the DPA one, I definitely had a chance for the National. It was fun talking with Katherine… I told her, “Yes, I’m over the asteroid belt, maybe even past the demoted-from-planet-to-object Pluto.”

So I am pleased to announce that STILL LIFE IN BLOOD (available in Kindle and Print on Amazon and local bookstores: Browseabout Books, Bethany Beach Books, and Biblion Books) has won the National Federation of Press Women Communications Contest in First Place for Novels for Adult Readers!

If you have read STILL LIFE IN BLOOD, what did you think? If you haven’t read it, you’re in for treat!

I’ll be signing books tomorrow (Friday, June 20) at Bethany Beach Books from 6:30 to 8:30pm. And I’ll also be at the Hockessin Art & Book Fair on Saturday from 11am to 3pm (Saturday, June 21!

So come out and meet me!

Hockessin Art & Book Fair

Hockessin Art & Book Fair


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