Book Signing at Bethany Beach Books!

I love the summer months.

The salt. The sun. The sea.

But I was heartbroken last year when Still Life in Blood came out in August instead of June like I had wanted. It didn’t get the full summer it deserved. So I was determined, this year, to make the most of the summer months of increased tourist traffic and have as many signings as I could.

All the signings I’ve done this year have been awesome. I’ve been to Denver, Colorado and Hockessin, Delaware, but nothing compares to sitting outside in front of a bookstore—that is only about 200 feet from the beach, salt, and sand—as the first person people talk to before entering that beautiful cavern of amazing stories and volumes of pages in which to get lost.

My last Bethany Beach Books signing was amazing and I met so many wonderful new fans (some as far as Florida), that I wanted to do that bookstore again!

So if you live anywhere in Delaware, or are visiting southern Delaware tonight (Friday, July 18th), and you love to read, come on out to Bethany Beach Books, in the lovely oceanside town of Bethany Beach, to see me. I’ll be signing copies of Still Life in Blood from 6:30pm until 8:30pm.

The boardwalk has a bandstand with awesome music playing (at least they did last time), and the atmosphere is just down to earth. The crowds aren’t too much and the food smells delicious! So there is something to do before and after!

So if you’re in Bethany or know anyone in Bethany, tell them about it: Tonight, July 18, from 6:30pm until 8:30pm, at Bethany Beach Books!

Still Life in Blood -  Cover for Newspaper


One thought on “Book Signing at Bethany Beach Books!

  1. Ny husband picked up your book for me when he was in Browseabout Books last month. Your first book is very entertaining and very well written. A real page turner! Looking forward to your second novel. You have a new fan in Arizona!

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