What I learned travelling to Greece…

I recently travelled to Greece for a Yoga Retreat with Dimitra Yoga, and for a little extra time on my own to do research for my next novel.

I learned a lot about myself on this trip. My strengths, my weaknesses, my limits. And of course, I created new memories and loves about life. Without boring you, or equally making you jealous of my trip, I present to you a list of things I learned in Greece:

• Never, ever forget to change your cell phone time to the current time zone… unless you want to oversleep, if that’s the case, don’t change your cell phone time.

• Lemons are good on everything, especially fried potatoes. Don’t believe me? Try it instead of malt vinegar.

• Octopus is amazing. Thought I would never like it, but I LOVE it.

• The air is sweeter; not sweet smelling, but the feeling it leaves on your skin is like kisses.

• The water is saltier, clearer, and more exotic, especially from the bow of a sailboat.

• Waking up in the morning is lovelier, the view more splendid than at sea level.

• I will paint my front door blue… just because it will remind me of Greece.

• New, amazing friends are made late at night, drinking coffee in an outside bar, and connecting on a spiritual level.

• The temperature is nearly perfect, nearly all the time.

• The breeze heavenly. Period.

• Especially because the sun is hotter, and it tans you a different color. I turned more yellowy-tan than tan-tan… if that makes sense…

• The winding, uneven, steep and crazy-connected steps are soul lifting… It’s like you’re in a different world. Like a movie set.

• The sky insanely blue, and the clouds whiter than anything I’ve ever seen before.

• Sleep is optional, and so is drinking, but if you drink until 6 am, you must go get Spinach or Cheese pie at a traditional Greek bakery.

• Salads are best with real Greek cheese.

• Hiking from Fira to Oia is mandatory just for the views.

• Ouzo is pure Greek medicine.

• Shopping for friends is difficult with the incredible beauty surrounding you.

• Mostly I learned that Santorini is a magical place.

But it’s not the only magical place in Greece…

• On a Ferry from Santorini to Paros, I learned that the past is precursor and road-map to better things to come. Sometimes you remember or read things you’d written years before and realize it was better that it turned out the way it did. Because everything happens for a reason (I already knew this, but this trip solidified it).

• Traveling doesn’t get traveling out of your system; it makes you crave it more, and with more intensity.

• Most importantly, don’t use a map; get so incredibly fucking lost that you find your way again. Because that’s exactly what I did.


Check out my photos below if you don’t believe me… 😉


Me on Paros.
Breakfast on Santorini.
Seaside dining at Ammoudi Bay
Our view each and every day on Santorini
Lunch on Santorini… blue sky: amazing!
A friend brought my novel to read. She loved it!
Dinner in Athens with the friend who finished my book! A little lovely place near the Acropolis.




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