Who am I?

Short answer:

I write suspense novels. I love coffee. I paint abstract art. I love zombies and ghost stories and science fiction television shows. I like to paddleboard, fish, clam, and lounge on the beach. And I love to travel.

Long answer:

I’m a writer of suspense. I ramble. I love to SUP (Stand Up Paddle) and go as often as I can, especially when the weather is warm. I love playing guitar even though I’m not very good. I love yoga and practice at least 3-4 times a week. I love beignets and iced coffee with almond milk. And I believe that watermelon is the best summer lunch. I love pesto—lots of pesto! I love a glass of Australian wine and a rolled cigarette (when the mood strikes). I love thin-crust pizza with spinach and feta cheese. And I absolutely adore dark chocolate.

I love coconut ice cream with ribbons of chocolate. I like to eat breakfast on the back porch early in the morning. I love the beach, even though my nine to five doesn’t allow me much of those things. I love the feel of sand—squiggling my toes in it, running it through my fingers, brushing it off my legs. I love the smell of the ocean, the salt it leaves on my skin, the taste on my lips, how it curls my hair into tight ringlets. I miss the ocean and heat when winter comes around…but I love the snow and the bite in the air when I breathe it in, how it makes me cough and feel alive. I love the sound of white on the ground, the way the snow stumbles down the drifts and scatters across the driveway.

I like staying up till 4 am reading a new book then complaining that it was so good I didn’t get any sleep. I love writing. I love sitting in bed, working on my novel, sipping tea or coffee, reading about forensics and serial killers and profiling. I love astronomy and science magazines and am planning a science fiction novel next. I love drinking Journeyman Whiskey and dancing to a song I have in my head. I love to dance and will not hesitate to do so anywhere—you might have even caught me in the grocery store swaying to whatever song they are playing, maybe even singing along. I love taking photographs, capturing a moment in time that no one else can ever repeat. I love to paint; abstract is something I’ve slipped into, quite the opposite of my college realist days.

I love great conversations and—equally—moments of silence. I love stepping outside my comfort zone, doing something completely out of character, growing into the skin I was meant to wear. I love sitting by a bonfire, BSing with friends or going to concerts. I love hiking. I love my movie nights with my best friend—the way we plan the meal from appetizer to meal to dessert to drinks! I love to spend time with the people I love as much as I love my “me time.”


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